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What is JOAD/AAP?

JOAD: Junior Olympic Archery Development (up to 20 years old)

AAP: Adult Archery Program (20+ years old)

JOAD, pronounced joe-ad, and AAP are programs created by USA Archery. USAA is the organization that selects and trains archers to send to the Olympics. They run developmental archery groups, tournaments, and educational events. 

Northwest Technical Archery JOAD/AAP helps archers grow their skills, earn pins/ribbons for progress, and prepare for tournaments. 


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Participate in USAA tournaments to establish your national ranking. JOAD archers can earn specialized training and a seat on a youth world team representing the USA.

Archery Arrows


Join your local archery community as we prepare for tournaments together, travel to local and national competitions, and help each other grow as archers. 

Image by Vince Fleming


Become part of a larger, national archery community with  newsletters, events, exclusive communications, liability insurance, and deals for USAA members.

Watch this video
Coach Sheila walks you through pin shoot basics. 

When am i ready?

If you're consistently shooting safely on target at 18m, you're ready! You must be enrolled in our intermediate+ classes, or have coach permission to attend a pin shoot hosted by NWTA.


What is a pin shoot?

A low pressure, in-school practice tournament where archers can earn pins and ribbons for shooting their personal best score.


Indoor pin shoots are free for USAA members who select Northwest Technical Archery as their JOAD/AAP.  

It's an excellent way for archers to grow their confidence to compete. Experience tournament practice during this 30 arrow FITA round. 


Indoor: JOAD pin chart and AAP pin chart 

Outdoor: JOAD pin chart and AAP pin chart


How to

A yearly fee applies. Visit USA Archery and select the membership level that matches you best. Family, adult, youth, and temporary memberships are available. Enter your info and select Northwest Technical Archery JOAD/AAP for your school.  

View a PDF walk through of this process for help. 

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