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          Head Coach: Mike Whitfield

Mike Whitfield is an archery coach, bow tech, and advocate dedicated to growing the sport of archery and building competent and competitive archers through sound technical training. His archery journey began at a camp site as a youth where he was given a traditional long bow to try out...and promptly tore up and bruised his arm! Still he became hooked and started looking for places to train. 

From there, he was lucky enough to be recruited by Don Branson, head coach of a JOAD and competitive archery team in Aurora, Illinois. With Don’s excellent, technical coaching over the course of a few years, Mike was able to win multiple state indoor and outdoor medals in olympic recurve competitions before Don lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Although the loss was hard on Mike (who stepped away from the sport for a few years), he never forgot the power of the technical training he received. 

After the loss of his father, Mike was cleaning out the basement and found his old bows, which reignited the passion for archery that had been lost. Now in Maryland, he began shooting and training again at Deer Creek Archery under George Bennett, who eventually recruited Mike to become an instructor for his beginner lessons. It was here that Mike began shooting, working on, and loving compound bows, working on all models from the steel cable bows of old all the way to the most modern competitive target archery and hunting bows.


At Deer Creek, Mike was fortunate to be able to work with a variety of programs, styles, and people interested in archery. He helped to pilot a program for the Wounded Warriors that taught dozens of our honored veterans the way of the bow, as well as donating them an entire set up to begin hunting or competitive shooting. He launched a structured lesson program that brought brand new archers all the way to the basic competitive level, and offered a competitive sponsored shooting team based from the shop. He trained countless hunters that travelled all over the world to hunt various game, helping them with everything from gear selection to mental management and technical archery instruction.

Mike Whitfield was honored to receive his USA Archery level 3 NTS certification at Lancaster Archery in Pennsylvania. He earned this verification from esteemed coaches Bob Ryder (founder and head coach of the James Madison University archery program which began careers like that of Braden Gellenthein), and Heather Pfeil, coach of the Olympic archer Casey Kaufhold.


Through hard work and dedication, Mike worked his way up to become the manager, head instructor, lead bow tech, website and social media director, and more, expanding the reach of archery to thousands of new students over his 5 years working there. His competitive team of youth and adults won many local tournaments and a few archers even won some state and national level tournaments. The shop and team had a very familial feel to it, but everyone was focused on educating each other about the best techniques we could.

In early 2023, Mike earned his Level 4 USA Archery Certification from Coach Kisik Lee, head coach of the US Olympic Team. Now in Seattle, Mike is grateful for the opportunity to launch Northwest Technical Archery. NW Technical Archery is a program dedicated to helping grow the sport of archery and help archers reach their goals (be they recreational, competitive, or hunting oriented) through technical instruction and strong personal connections with the archers we serve. We hope to create a team dynamic of fun, mutual support, and excellent technical discipline, and we hope you will join our program soon!

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Assistant Coach: Sheila 

Sheila grew up with shooting sports, but didn't get involved in archery until she was an adult. Her love of archery started in 2017, learning Olympic recurve from Kim Petersen and Sandra Wilson at KBH. She first stepped into coaching by assisting Kim and Sandra with the JOAD program when they needed a hand, and has since progressed to co-running NWTA's JOAD. 

Sheila built her knowledge with USA Archery classes, earning the USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor certifications. She plans on her Level 3 certification within the next year. Her travels have taken her to Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago to learn from other programs and coaches. 


Sheila shoots all styles of bow and coaches trad, barebow recurve, and Olympic recurve.  She especially enjoys working with new archers and bringing more ladies into this great sport! It's important to her to create an archery learning environment that welcomes women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQ community.

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Assistant Instructor: Kenadi 

Kenadi started her archery journey in July 2021 under the careful teachings of Coach Mike and Coach Sheila. She fell in love after the first shot. Kenadi shoots trad and barebow. She was the 2022 NFAA Washington State Champion and Northwest Sectional Champion. In 2023, Kenadi became the state record holder for the Washington State Blueface Championships, as well as State Blueface Champion. She is excited to be expanding into coaching. Kenadi has her USAA Level 1 certificate, and her Level 2 credentials are in progress. Special thanks to her wife, her coaches, her family, and her friends. She says, "I would never have gotten this far without you." We are thankful to have Kenadi on Team NWTA! 

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