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  • Where are archery classes held?
    We are partnered with Redline Athletics in Gig Harbor (indoors) and Gig Harbor Sporsmans in Gig Harbor (outdoors out to 80m). Our students come from all over the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond, including Gig Harbor, Silverdale, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Port Townsend, Bremerton, Renton and Seattle.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    Archers can cancel their lesson reservations for a full refund if they cancel more than 24 hours in advance of their lesson. If archers cancel their lesson within 24 hours or less of their lesson, or are a no-show for their scheduled time, we will not be able to issue a refund. Be sure to thoroughly reading your booking so you attend class at the right location.
  • How can we reschedule if needed?
    We have two options: Option 1: (see the image) Create a site login with the same email you used for your booking. You'll be able to manage your class scheule there and have the option of selecting when you'd like to reschedule, or cancel. Option 2: Email us at or call/text (360) 602-1673. Responses may be slightly delayed as we're working our regular day jobs. Image: the person icon is the log-in symbol for your personal dashboard
  • How do I use my gift certificate or class credit?
    During the checkout process, enter your code on the promo/coupon section. Watch this video demo for further help. (Youtube: How To Use Your Gift Certificate)
  • Why aren't classes on all Saturdays?
    Sometimes tournaments or special events book the range. Sometimes Coaches travel out to tournaments. No lessons will be held on holiday weekends. (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc)
  • How far in advance can I book a class?
    Great question. Right now we're releasing class openings one month in advance. Due to Covid uncertainty, we're not going to jinx anything by opening anyhing further out. As the year progresses, we may be able to release dates further out.
  • Do I need my own bow for lessons?
    Not at all! We have rental bows available for $5 per person, per lesson. This cost is automatically built into the Intro to Archery class. If you find that you're interested in pursuing archery more regularly, you will want your own bow. Down the road we'll be hosting workshops to help new archers select their first bow. It can be an in-depth conversation depending on your goals and budget.
  • What do I wear or bring to lessons?
    As demonstrated by Olympians Brady Ellison and Mackenzie Brown, wear closed toed shoes, a comfy outfit, and have long hair tied back. You may wish to remove upper body piercings; if they get caught by the bow string there is risk of damage to you. On the registration form there is a spot to let us know if you'll need a rental bow. Be sure to tell us if you're left or right handed. Rental equipment is $5 per person, per lesson. If you don't get a wavier in your email, we'll have some available on site to sign before we begin. That's all! Bring water if you want it. We'll take it from here and get you shooting in no time!
  • I have my own bow. Can I use it for archery lessons?
    Yes! However, for your first lesson with us you'll be on a class bow. Please let us know what equipment you have and bring your bow to class for a safety inspection. (We do this for all bows we have not seen in class before). After we have inspected your gear you can use it for future classes, provided you can operate it safely. Note: crossbows are not allowed. If you are a totally new archer bringing a compound bow to the intro class, we will start you on a simple bow to introduce you to basic archery technique before getting you on your compound gear. It takes one-on-one time/training to train you on your personal compound gear, and that is not in the scope of a group intro class. If you'd like a private session to get up to speed on your new bow, we are happy to help! Contact us to set one up.
  • What bow do you recommend for beginner archers?
    This is a question we get regularly! Download this quick, one page document to learn more.
  • What's the code to be waitlisted on the Wix Spaces app?
    You may not need a code to access the Wix Spaces app, but if you do, use: 0F9PN6 You can also use the Wix Fit app, accessed here.
  • I have some archery experience, which class should I take?
    Chat with us and we can figure out a good fit for you! (360) 602-1673 We try to reserve space in the advanced class for competition archers/established bow hunters.
  • Can you provide training in horseback archery, Japanese Kyudo archery, "Lars Andersen style" archery, or trick shots?
    NW Technical Archery can help build your archery foundation so you can take steps to learn those things! We don't have access to any equine facilities, Kyudo bows, or practice trick shots though. We do think regularly shooting a perfect 10 is a pretty neat trick! Having strong core skills will definitely translate to these other branches of archery! A horseback archery instructor is Katie Stearns in Arlington, WA (113 miles from KBH). Click here for her information (we are unaffiliated). Another program is in Winlock, WA (92 miles from KBH). It's run by Carmen Frentress. Click here for information (we are unaffiliated.) The closest Kyudo instruction is the Washington Kyudo Club in Seattle. Click here for information (we are unaffiliated).
  • What is a USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach?
    The Level 3-NTS Coach Certification moves away from a group instruction and focuses on individual athlete development. Level 3-NTS Coaches are educated in coaching philosophy, event preparation, mental skills, training cycles and plans, equipment tuning and advanced instruction on the National Training System (NTS) for Recurve and Compound. They also may train Level 1 and Level 2 Instructors. USA Archery Level 1 & 2 NTS Instructors can help with group classes and give archers a good start on core archery concepts. The title of "coach" is earned at Level 3.
  • Are masks required?
    As of March 12, in accordance with the state of Washington, masks are optional indoors. You are welcome to wear a mask if you like. We provide a welcoming environment for both masked and non-masked students. Merv-13 filters will be running during class to help with Covid safety. Because masks are no longer required, we strongly encourage anyone experiencing and cold symptoms to reschedule their class.
  • What is JOAD/AAP? Why would I want to join that?
    JOAD: Junior Olympic Archery Development, is a program for archers 8-20 years old. AAP: Adult Archery Program. JOAD archers can train to compete in local and regional tournaments, and can earn a seat on a youth world team to compete in other countries representing the United States on behalf of USA Archery. Recurve archers can compete likewise, with the added benefit of being able to use their recurve bow to try out for a spot on the US Olympic Archery team which is selected and managed by USA Archery. JOAD/AAP participants will need to purchase a USA Archery membership. Membership entitles the archer to insurance benefits, participation in JOAD events, regional, national and international tournaments, NFAA and World Archery events as well as National ranking. For more information or to join please visit: Tl;dr: It allows the archer to enter competitions and potentially access specialized training for Team USA. Some competitions go towards national ranking, which can be a path to the Olympics.
  • What are pin shoots, and when is the next one?
    JOAD and AAP members can earn pins based on scores shot at official pin shoots or USA Archery sanctioned events. Current USA Archery Youth, Adult, or Family membership is required to participate. It's excellent practice for tournaments, as it simulates similar shooting conditions. More information about the pins can be found here. Previously pin shoots were held almost monthly at KBH. With the current range scheule the pin shoots will be less frequent, but will be timed to help archers prepare for local tournaments. Dates will be relased in class and via the JOAD/AAP mailing list. Sign up here to get on the mailing list and we'll keep you posted!
  • Do you do birthday parties, summer camps, or scout activities?
    Our plates are pretty full with the current program. We can happily refer you to other programs that may be able to help.
  • How much do bows cost?
    It really depends on your goals, needs/wants, and bow type. A very basic setup can run a couple hundred dollars. A competition or hunting bow may cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Multi-thousand dollar setups are not uncommon with highly competitive archers. Just remember, expensive equipment can't give you the skills earned through quality, intentional practice and in-depth experience. For proof, watch this video of Dutch Olympian Sjef van Den Berg. This world class archer shoots a simple beginner bow ($240 USD) in a friendly challenge with a novice archer who is using an elite competition bow ($2440 USD). It's easy to see that it's wiser to build skills instead of gear, especially shooting at indoor distances!
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