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Your First Class

You've decided it's time to try NW Technical Archery, great! How do you get started? First, register for one of the classes. If you've never had a lesson before, or it's been a while since you've shot, the intro/beginner session is perfect! Click here to save your spot in an upcoming class. During the registration process you can access the class calendar to pick your date.

Now you'll want to be able to find us! NWTA serves multiple locations on the Kitsap Peninsula. Please check your booking confirmation email  to make sure you're headed to the right spot! We are currently partnered with Redline in Gig Harbor, and Gig Harbor Sportsmans. Please note: classes start and finish as scheduled; if you're late you won't be able to make up lost time in the session after yours. 


What should I bring? A signed wavier, and water if you want it. As of March 2022, masks are no longer required indoors. We do have free masks available if you'd like.  The learning environment is welcoming for both masked and unmasked participants. 

What do I wear? Olympic Archers Brady Ellison and Mackenzie Brown will show you! You'll want closed toed shoes, a comfortable outfit, and long hair should be tied back. Consider removing upper body piercings; if they get caught by the bow string there is risk of damage to you.You may notice more advanced archers wearing additional gear. Don't worry- we'll equip you with all the basics, it's included with the bow rental fee. 

mack attack.jpeg

What happens in my first class?

Flaming arrows and trick shots. Just kidding! We start with safety. All our instructors are USA Archery and Safe Sport certified. We'll teach you range safety commands, the dos and don'ts of archery equipment, match you with a beginner bow/safety equipment, and demonstrate how to safely shoot. Then it's your turn to take your first shot! This is totally hands on, and you'll be shooting on target shortly!

Is there a minimum age? 

The minimum age is 10 years old for the group class. We can potentially work with younger children in private lessons. 

Can I bring my own bow if I have one? 

Sure! For your first session with us, we will have you on class bows (this is included in the cost). Bring your gear along and we'll do a safety inspection - we do this for all bows we haven't seen in class before. If your gear is safe and you're able to safely shoot it, you can use it for future classes. If you're brand new to archery and you're bringing a compound bow you've never shot before, we will start you on a class bow to build basic skills first. 

Hey that was fun, can I come back again? 

Yes, we love to hear that! The Intro to Archery class is designed to build on your skills. Each week you will have a chance to develop your foundational technique. Eventually you can test for the intermediate class. Going up a level is optional. The world of archery has lots of things to explore. There's indoor archery, outdoor field courses, 3D tournaments, hunting, and more. Plus many different styles of bow (compound, recurve, traditional, etc) and you can travel around the world for different events. NW Technical Archery is happy to get you on the road to wherever your archery journey takes you! 

What kind of COVID safety does the class have? 
Free masks are available, as well as hand sanitizer.  NWTA is currently following state regulations and masks are not required as of Spring 2022 - if this changes we will comply, however the website may not quickly reflect this. Our learning environment is welcoming and both masked and non-masked archers are in classes. 

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