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Why we made this

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, two archers shared a vision. Frustrated by the lack of options for protecting their recurve strings, they embarked on a journey to create the ultimate solution. Together, the couple designed and tested what would become the String Defender. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and united by their passion for archery, they crafted a product that could withstand elements of life on and off range. Proud of what they have achieved, they are excited to share the String Defender with fellow archers, offering a reliable, innovative solution born from necessity and refined through experience. A large portion of proceeds goes towards their developmental archery program for funding gear, tournament fees, and training expenses for archers with limited resources. 

Designed by archers,
for archers

Waterproof Option Available

Shield your string from dirt and damage

Fun colors and
custom laser details



Colors Available:

Blue, Green, Silver, Black, Pink Champagne, Red, Berry Purple, Gold Adjacent 

Length: 9.25 inches, 23.5 cm 

Width: 7/8 inches, 2.2 cm 

Weight: 2.9 oz, 82 grams 

Aluminum - Gluten Free 

Custom Laser details NOT Available:

silver, pink champagne, gold adjacent ?

Ships weekly from Seattle. Custom laser products may take an extra week.  

Why we made this

Ships from
Seattle, weekly

(360) 602-1673

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